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SwarMala: Classic Edition


SwarMala Classic Edition supports basic composition features and accompaniment features in SwarMala. With SwarMala Classic Edition you get:
  • Intuitive and friendly Windows based graphical user interface
  • Multi-track sequencer for easy composition
  • Sound banks for 14 Indian instruments, with high quality sounds recorded by well-known artists. The instruments included with SwarMala are: Harmonium, Sarod, Sitar, Bansuri (Bamboo flute), Santoor, Shahnai, Sundree, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Dholaki and Tanpura (drones)
  • Independent volume controls for each track, and independent tempo controls for Tanpura and Melody/Percussion tracks
  • Automatic synchronization of melody and percussion channels
  • Built-in sampler, which allows playing SwarMala instruments from an external keyboard/MIDI device
  • An extensive library of typically used musical parts which can be used as the basic framework to compose your music
  • Ability to set the desired rhythm cycle (taal) (time signature) for easy-to-read display
  • Optional reverb sound effect
  • Import TaalMala Taal (*.tal) files
  • No MIDI/WAV export, no MIDI capture
  • Simple design with easy navigation controls for all accompaniment needs
  • Intuitive and friendly Windows graphical user interface
  • Three independent channels for accompaniment using (possibly different) instruments simultaneously
  • Independent volume controls for each channel, and independent tempo controls for Tanpura and Melody/Percussion channels
  • Automatic synchronization of melody and percussion channels
  • Auto-increment/auto-decrement for master tempo, after a specified number of rhythm cycles (measures)
  • Visual display of current beat number (matra) and rhythm cycle (Aavartan/measure) number
  • Ability to save the accompaniment settings for easy retrieval later
  • Import TaalMala Taal (*.tal) files
  • An extensive library of accompaniment tracks (including hundreds of Tabla taals and Lehras), to get you started


The Classic Edition of SwarMala is available for US $99.95 or Indian Rs. 1595. For further details on pricing and various licensing options, refer to the Licensing page.

If you are a registered user of SwarMala Classic Edition, you can download the Classic Edition from here (authorization required).

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